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Feel your freedom - Ford EcoSport

Get more added value when you buy a Ford EcoSport from Eagle Ford!

  • An upgraded 4 year / 60 000 km Maintenance Plan
  • More great deals
  • 3 years unlimited car washes

You always get more with Eagle Ford!



esigned to make every day a little simpler, the New ECOSPORT has convenience covered.
Keyless entry and start. Press the push-button start to start the engine and you’re away.
Even the lights are smart. The New ECOSPORT headlamps sense when it’s dark outside, and turn on automatically.

  • Hill Launch Assist
  • Hill Launch Assist*

    Want to know the secret to perfect hill starts? Hill Launch Assist holds the brake for a few seconds after you take your foot off, giving you time to smoothly accelerate away, either uphill or downhill, without rolling or losing control. So if others are stopped close behind you on a slope, there’s no need to sweat.

    *Hill Launch Assist available on Trend and Titanium models.

  • Fit In Just About Anywhere
  • Fit In Just About Anywhere

    You want an SUV but your life is in the city. That’s no problem with the EcoSport. Its urban dimensions make it easy to park and get around crowded city streets, yet its styling and ride height give you the confidence of an SUV.

  • A Quieter Ride
  • A Quieter Ride

    Cities are noisy. But not inside the EcoSport. Designed with an outstandingly quiet interior, the EcoSport turns even the busiest peak-hour street into a relaxing haven. We even made the tyres quieter!

  • Stay in control whatever the conditions
  • Stay in control whatever the conditions

    Electronic Stability Control constantly monitors your vehicle’s progress. It senses when a vehicle is losing grip and automatically applies a braking pulse to individual wheels, helping to stabilise it. Using advanced sensors from the anti-lock braking and Traction Control System it monitors the behavior of the vehicle.

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