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Out tough the tough - Ford Ranger

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Live the Ranger Life 

However you choose to #LiveTheRangerLife, live to carve your own path and make your own fun in the RANGER. Whether it's style, comfort, advanced traction or power you need, there's a RANGER for you. The toughest task will be choosing one over the other.

  • Electronic Locking Rear Differential
  • Electronic Locking Rear Differential*

    Giving you what you need most while off-road. Traction. Allowing you superior control on steep inclines and loose surfaces, engages with the push of a button and enables more control over challenging terrain where it’s difficult to keep both rear wheels grounded.

    *Locking Diff – Not available on Base series. 

  • Hill Descent Control
  • Hill Descent Control*

    Make off-road downhill driving a breeze in a RANGER 4x4 with it’s Hill Descent Control. Designed to automatically apply braking as needed and slow the vehicle to a set speed. You can adjust the speed as you wish with the accelerator and Cruise Control buttons.

    *Hill Descent Control – Available on 4x4 derivatives only.

  • 800mm Water-wading Capability
  • 800mm Water-wading Capability*

    The RANGER’s love of taming difficult terrain, stretches to water as well. With water-wading capability of 800mm, there aren’t many water hazards that can keep you from getting where you want to go.

    *800mm Water Wading - on 4x2 Hi-Rider and 4x4 Ranger models. Achieved when maintaining a steady speed of 7 km/h.

  • Semi-Auto Active Park Assist
  • Semi-Auto Active Park Assist*

    To ease the pain of parallel parking, the RANGER Wildtrak is designed to find an open parking spot that is the right size and then automatically steer itself in for a perfect park. All you need to do is control the speed. This Semi-auto Active Park Assist is a first in the bakkie segment in South Africa and much needed on a vehicle this size.

    *Semi-auto Active Park Assist available on Wildtrak derivatives only.

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