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3-year Roadside Assistance Plan

If your vehicle is stuck on the side of the road, has a flat tyre or won't start in the morning, one shared-toll call will set in motion the necessary assistance to get you going again or tow your vehicle, free of charge, to the nearest Ford servicing dealer.

In the unfortunate case of a collision, your car will be towed to the closest Ford Approved Body Repair centre. Should your vehicle be involved in a collision which results in injuries, the medical rescue service is set in motion, again by one shared-toll call.

And remember, it is just not you and your vehicle which are covered by this three year assistance plan, but also a member of your immediate family or any other legal/authorised driver or passenger in your vehicle. In the case of your vehicle experiencing battery related issues, we will assist you with battery assistance, below market rates, brought to you at no cost by FordProtect.

At Ford we care for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, wherever you are and whenever you need us. And remember it is the vehicle which is covered, not the owner, so any authorised driver or passenger can call for assistance. We care - 0861 150 250.

Call for Roadside AssistanceGet in Touch


    Your vehicle is immobilized or you require emergency assistance

    You are stuck on the road or stuck at home with your keys locked inside the vehicle

    • Ensure vehicle is safely parked
    • Position triangles correctly, if the vehicle has these
    • Lock vehicle
    • Take your membership card or write down numbers showing through clear section of decal on window
    • On locating a phone, call 0861 150 250
    • Give the phone operator your name
    • State the membership number (the vehicle VIN number on the windscreen)
    • State what the problem is
    • Where you are and where your vehicle is

    The operator will set in motion the necessary service vehicle to come to your assistance where you are. Go back to your vehicle and wait for assistance to arrive.


    In the event of an accident

    If you are not injured, but one or more passengers in your vehicle are:

    • Place safety triangles correctly, if the vehicle has these
    • Taking your member ship card or a note of the number etched on the windows of the vehicle, make your way to the nearest phone (if possible)
    • Call toll-free 0861 150 250
    • Give the operator your name and memnership number (vehicle VIN number on the windscreen)
    • Advise nature of injuries
    • Make your way back to the vehicle and wait for assistance to arrive

    If you are injured

    Ask whoever is on the scene of the accident first to call the AA Mayday number for you (draw attention to the numbers and requirements on the window sticker).

    NOTE: Medical Emergency also operates in the case of medical emergencies at home such as poisoning, medical advise, acute sickness or injury.


    Areas of cover

    The Roadside Assistance and Medical Emergency Plan are operational in the following areas: The Republic of South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho.

    Should an injured passenger or driver require repatriation after treatment, this service is extended to people resident in South Africa.


    Services offered to you

    Roadside Running Repairs

    • Change a flat tyre
    • Home start service
    • Key lock out service
    • Fuel to reach a filling station

    Battery Service Required

    • Test battery and vehicle engine charging system
    • Jump start vehicle
    • Supply and fit a new battery

    Tow-in Service

    • Mechanical breakdown
    • Electric breakdown
    • Collision tow (at customer's or insurer's cost)

    Emergency Rescue

    • Emergency evacuation and transfer to appropriate facility
    • 24 hours emergency hotline
    • Guaranteed hospital admission
    • Relocation after treatment
    • Dispatch of emergency medicine
    • Monitoring and liaison with next of kin
    • Travel companions for minors
    • Repatriation of mortal remains
    • Hazardous chemical information

    Additional Benefits

    • AA technical examinations and advice at preferential rates
    • Legal advice
    • Free Road and touring info and travel maps
    • Accommodation booking services
    • Preferential discounts at travel

    How long is Roadside assistance valid?

    Roadside Assistance is valid for a period of three years from date of first registration with no restriction on the kilometers.

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[1] Important Information FordProtect RSA Plans are offered to you by FordProtect under Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (Manufacturing)(Pty)Ltd is a registered financial service provider, FSP No. 48173. The information contained on this page is of general nature and does not replace the RSA plans terms and conditions. Please refer to the new vehicle RSA plan terms and conditions booklet and Owner's Guide for full details of cover, terms and conditions and exclusions

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