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Wildlife and Roads Project has Eagle Ford’s support

Posted: September 21, 2017

Eagle Ford took part in handing over a new Ford Ranger to the Endangered Wildlife Trust. The initiative is going towards the Wildlife and Roads Project, which aims to reduce the number of run-ins between vehicles and the wildlife in South Africa’s protected areas. The Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa has provided support to the Ford Wildlife Foundation to enhance education, research and conservation projects around sub-Saharan Africa.

The road-kill rates in South African protected areas are at a high in comparison to other parts of the planet. “Our projects will benefit enormously from the use of the Ford Ranger since we are active on all roads in the country – from protected areas to regional and national highways – and the enormous amount of traveling that we do has often been problematic in the past due to the lack of a project vehicle,” says Wendy Collinson, Wildlife and Roads Project Executant.

The Ford Ranger is one of South Africa’s most sold cars and is also built in our country. The Ford Ranger will further the Wildlife and Roads Project.

The Ford Motor Company of South Africa has been a part of this initiative for the past 30 years. Eagle Ford is proud to be part of the Ford Family as well as the Ford Wildlife Foundation.