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A Sneak Peak At The New Ford Everest Concept

Posted: July 17, 2014

The New Ford Everest concept is set to be a rugged and versatile on and off-road SUV that’s boasts a modern and robust SUV design.

The combination of interior refinement, advanced technologies and super impressive off-road features and capabilities makes the Everest concept the ideal off-road vehicle.

The seven-seater SUV was designed with a sleekness and refinement in mind. “The sleekness and sophistication are then punctuated in the details, which are very technical,” said David Dewitt, exterior design manager, Ford Asia Pacific.

The already sleek headlamps of the Everest have been swept back and around for an aerodynamic look and further driver visibility in the dark.

The Everest offers high ground clearance with its raised chassis. This drastically improves the vehicle’s off-road capabilities.

To really show off the Everest concept’s tough exterior physique as well as its dynamic capabilities the vehicle is painted in a unique and impressive red with a touch of orange, named “Sunset Flare”.

Stay tuned to Eagle Corner for more exciting news on this incredible SUV concept.