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The Future of Driving Safety is Now

Posted: July 1, 2015

Taking driving safety to new heights, Ford has launched camera technology to help drivers avoid dangerous collisions at blind junctions. Call it what you want – clairvoyance, magic, science fiction – this new technology can see around corners, even when drivers can’t.

With a Front Split View Camera mounted to the front grille, drivers get a 180° view from the front of the vehicle. This allows them to easily spot oncoming traffic, pedestrians or cyclists at blind junctions. This technology is easily activated with the touch of a button, resulting in a real-time 180° view on the vehicle’s 8-inch colour touchscreen.

The Front Split View Camera is now available as an optional extra on the all-new Ford S-MAX and Galaxy vehicles. These Ford models also offer Rear View Camera technology and a Cross Traffic Alert system, both assisting drivers when reversing. Other safety technologies on the S-MAX and Galaxy include an Intelligent Speed Limiter which helps drivers stay within the legal speed limit, Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection which could help drivers avoid collisions, and Glare-free Highbeam technology with adaptive LED headlamps.

Eagle Ford is excited about the future of Ford technology that keeps changing the game when it comes to driving safety, protecting not only the car, but the driver and others on the road as well. This technology will possibly be available in our product lineup in the future, so keep your eyes open for it. Call us today on 011 531 3000 for more information!