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ROUSH Ranger now available in South Africa

Posted: April 23, 2018

After almost two years of discussion, testing and development, Roush Performance and Performance Centre finally launched a Roush version of the popular Ranger bakkie in South Africa. Not only unique in the SA market but a first in the world and will be rolled out to other Roush representative markets.

The launch kicked off on 12th of April at the Performance Centre with the attendance of over 170 members of various organizations, media outlets and Ford dealership representatives. The launch provided opportunity for everyone to see, for the first time, ROUSH Performance’s exclusive Ranger upgrade which is available in 3 bespoke stages.

Jack Roush Jnr. , accompanied by Robert Brown, Director of International Projects at ROUSH Performance, not only made an appearance but shared some insight into ROUSH and their future collaboration with Performance Centre SA.

The head of Ford Motor Company of SA, Casper Kruger, and several members of his team where present as well; which spoke volumes to the levels of local co-operation between Roush Performance, Ford SA and Performance Centre.

Media representatives that attended the launch included: Car Magazine, SA HotRod, Leisure Wheels, The Torque and Marius Roberts as MC from Ignition.

On Friday 13th of April the media had an opportunity to actually experience each iteration of the ROUSH Ranger (Stage 1, Stage 2 & Stage 3) at Gerotek Test Facility. To create a memorable experience, the day was concluded with Neil Woolridge and his team from NWM (Performance Centre’s partners in KZN) taking each person out on the rally track in the Cross Country Rangers.

Saturday, 14th of April allowed the public the opportunity to view the new ROUSH Ranger kit and all the options available. With all three Stages on display, anyone with a Ranger also had the opportunity to dyno their own Ranger.

ROUSH Performance and the ROUSH Ranger

Roush is not categorized as an aftermarket kit manufacturer, it is exclusively an engineering company. This means that the level of expertise applied to any upgrades to the variety of vehicles they work with, is unlike anything else available throughout OEM manufacturers. Not only is every part designed, fitted, tested and certified to match specific engineering standards, it is also designed to be within Ford’s performance tolerances in this case, the Ranger. For example, the drivetrain will not find itself overly stressed – no other Ranger aftermarket manufacturer can say that – and that’s why the Roush Ranger comes with a Ford and Roush three-year/60 000 km drivetrain warranty.

Benefits the ROUSH Ranger Upgrade

  • The upgrade will be fully supported by FMCSA
  • Each stage will carry an official Ford Protect Drivetrain Warranty
  • Upgrades will carry a M & M Upgrade Code, allowing banks to finance the upgrade
  • Full value of the car and the upgrade can be insured due to the M & M code
  • Fully endorsed by ROUSH Performance USA
  • Warranty covered by Ford Protect
  • Fully supported by FMCSA

The ROUSH Ranger has been a two-year long project, which has involved the expertise in engineering from ROUSH Performance and the market understanding from Performance Centre. Only genuine parts are used, which have gone through and passed the rigorous international test and standards of safety and rigidity.