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Ford Ranger – The People’s Choice for Car of the Year 2013

Posted: March 12, 2013

ranger-slider[break]In a recent readers’ poll by online motoring publication, Wheels24, the Ford Ranger was voted their choice for Car of the Year 2013. Winning the popular vote comes as no surprise – the Ford Ranger is a vehicle built in South Africa, for South African conditions.[break]Readers considered vehicles based on, amongst other things, aesthetics, quality, fuel consumption, handling, and all-round value for money – the Ford Ranger emerged the clear winner with a whopping 6,431 votes, more than 2,500 votes clear of its closest rival. [break]The New Look Ford Ranger[break]With new exterior and interior design, this rough-and-tough bakkie looks great, as well being a solid workhorse. Relying heavily on Ford heritage for inspiration, the Ranger references the All-American pick-up trucks of yesteryear – yet manages to strike the delicate balance between rugged and refined.[break]A bigger vehicle, the Ranger’s cab offers driver and passengers increased comfort, with more legroom, storage space, and decreased road and engine noise.[break]Safest Bakkie on the Road[break]Possibly the safest bakkie on the road, the Ranger is the first such vehicle to achieve a 5-Star Rating on the Euro NCAP. Safety features include dual front airbags, driver knee airbag, and side-seat airbags (standard on the XLT models). Then there’s Controlled Descent – straight down a mountain pass without touching the brakes once? Easy for the Ford Ranger! ABS works in tandem with Descent Control to increase safety, even under load, automatically adjusting its parameters to match on- or off-road conditions.[break][section id=”unique” columns=”8″ margin=”bottom”] [span columns=”4″] Whilst thick snow and ice isn’t something South Africans routinely deal with, the Ranger’s traction control system can even safely negotiate Arctic conditions – impressive! And for those hard-to-get-to places, engage the Locking Rear Differential on the 4×4 models. [/span] [span columns=”4″] Then there’s the Voice-Activation Technology (on the XLT and Wildtrack models) which lets you change the radio station, adjust your airconditioning and answer your cellphone – all without taking your hands off the wheel, or your eyes of the road. [/span] [/section]2013 International Pick-Up Truck[break]A versatile vehicle, the Ranger is just as much at home trundling along a dirt track as it is negotiating a winding mountain pass, crossing a rocky river bed, and cruising on the freeway. In fact, for its ‘off-road prowess and on-road manners’, the Ford Ranger has earned another distinction – the 2013 International Pick-Up Award.[break]Extensive Testing, Outstanding Performance[break]This is a vehicle built to perform, no matter the local conditions. The Ranger has undergone extensive all-climate testing and is proven to perform at extremes, from 400m below sea level to 4500m above it, and temperatures from -40° Celsius to 50° Celsius.[break]Research and development aside, though, can the Ranger perform in real-life situations? Ford has put it to the test, with real drivers putting the Ranger through its paces with real challenges. [break]
Other impressive features include a bigger, stronger chassis, an 800m wading depth, a 1000kg payload and 3350kg towing capacity.[break]Improved Fuel Economy[break][section id=”unique” columns=”8″ margin=”bottom”]
[span columns=”4″] With an escalating fuel price, fuel economy is of utmost importance when making a purchasing decision. Ford understands this, which is why the Ranger’s engine has been re-designed to vastly improve fuel economy. That’s not all: aerodynamics, drivetrain, and axle performance are optimised for fuel economy. [/span]
[span columns=”4″]
The Ranger 4×4 Double-Cab 3.2 l Diesel (manual transmission), for example, has been calculated at an impressive 8.4l per 100km (or 7.8l per 100km on the highway) and the Ranger 4×2 XL Double-Cab 2.5 L Petrol (manual transmission) at 10.6l per 100km (or 8.7l per 100km highway). [/span]
[/section]Value for Money Vehicle[break]There are several models in the Ford Ranger line-up, ranging in price from R192, 397 for the 2.2l MP Base 5MT Single Cab to R440, 200 for the lifestyle-focused Wildtrak 4×2 Auto model.[break]Contact us for further information on various models, or to book a test drive.[break] All prices were accurate at time of publish however are subject to change at any time