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The Ford Mustang: Then and Now

Posted: June 12, 2017

The Ford Mustang is the epitome of timelessness. The unveiling of the Mustang took place in New York at the World Fair in 1964. The desirable car, designed for post World War II, was known for its fun-drive nature and was available in 3 styles: the coupe, the convertible and the fastback. The Mustang starred in a James Bond flick during its first generation.

Today, the Mustang is known for its 6th-generation status (which started in 2013) and over 50 years of the Pony Car. It is sporty and luxurious, very much the concept of the “muscle car”.

In 2015 the Ford Mustang gained a whole new design but is still available in the same three models from 50 years ago- coupe, convertible and fastback. The new model featured changes like a wider yet lower body and a grille in a trapezoidal shape. Comparing it to the first Mustang, which had an exceptionally long bonnet as well as a higher raised grille.

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