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Ford makes use of water saving initiatives

Posted: November 3, 2017

Ford has an initiative to reduce the use of water during their manufacturing process through the use of recycling water and relooking at technologies that they make use of that consume a lot of water in order to run.

In Ford’s efforts to reduce their water consumption, the CDP – an international company which focuses on driving sustainable economies has honoured them as the only motor manufacturer in the United States to use the initiative to reduce their water consumption. This is a high achievement for Ford as there are over 400 companies that wish to be considered in the CDP’s A Grade list and only 8 companies are selected. Two South African companies, Harmony Gold Mining and Kumba Iron Ore were on the A Grade list.

Andrew Hobbs the Global Director, Environmental Quality Officer of Ford states that, “access to clean, affordable drinking water is a basic human right. We have worked diligently to set goals to reduce our water use while introducing innovative manufacturing technologies to help us achieve these goals”.

Since 2000, Ford has set targets to reduce their water impact as part of its Global Water Management Initiative and in 2013 Ford managed to reduce the water use per vehicle produced by 30 per cent compared to that of 2009. This is a great achievement and Ford’s initiative continues to be successful in the reduction of water-usage.