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Ford Gets Your Comms in SYNC

Posted: July 22, 2013

A recent Pew internet poll found that 27% of adults text and 61% speak on the phone whilst driving. Although many of us plead guilty to it, using your cell phone while driving is dangerous. In fact, it’s as dangerous as driving drunk. That’s according to a recent research study conducted by the University of Illinois, and published in the journal, Applied Cognitive Psychology. The message is clear – to avoid road traffic accidents, we should keep both hands on the wheel and our eyes on the road. That’s where Ford SYNC comes in… [break]

 SYNC Dashboard

It’s an integrated in-vehicle communications and entertainment system, jointly developed by Ford and Microsoft. The first-generation Ford SYNC was launched in North America back in 2007, but only on certain Ford models. The latest generation – Ford SYNC Version 5 – is now available on new Ford models in South Africa.[break] Ford SYNC recognises that people like to be connected at all times, even when driving. Ford SYNC allows people to maintain connectivity, safely.[break] The Ford SYNC system allows you to…[break]
  1. Dial a contact simply by saying their name out loud
  2. Answer phone calls by pressing a button on your steering wheel
  3. Make conference calls
  4. Set up unique ringtones for each contact, so you know who’s calling without looking
  5. Transfer calls from your cell phone to SYNC without hanging up and re-dialling
  6. Search for specific music (either by artist, album or track title) to play via voice command
  7. Plug and play media players, like your iPod or USB flash drives
  8. Listen to text messages – SYNC can even translate popular text abbreviations, like LOL
  9. Reply to text messages using SYNC’s selection of ready-to-send messages, via buttons on your steering wheel or console
  10. Control the radio, navigation system and climate via voice command.
[break]Ford SYNC can recognise up to 150 voice commands and can distinguish a variety of accents. Ford SYNC is compatible with most smartphones which have Bluetooth®, including iPhone®, Blackberry®, Android™ and Windows® operating systems.[break]To get started with Ford SYNC…[break]
  1. Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth (or plug in your media player via USB)
  2. SYNC will provide you with a code to pair your handset to the system
  3. SYNC will ask you whether to treat the detected device as the primary device, i.e. the one for which it looks first when you start your car – you can pair up to six handsets with the system (and delete them from the SYNC menu)
  4. Once connected, you can copy your phone’s contacts to SYNC – for privacy and security reasons, your contacts cannot be accessed unless your handset is connected to the system
  5. Choose between using voice-activated commands or buttons on your steering wheel or console

[break]Tech-lovers will be pleased to know that there are a host of apps available for the Ford SYNC system. Available on selected vehicles, SYNC AppLink makes use of voice-activated technology to allow access to your smartphone applications. You can purchase applications from Google Play, the iTunes App Store® and Blackberry App World.™.[break]Get in ‘sync’ with Ford features[break]Check whether SYNC AppLink is available to you as a software update from the SYNC Owner site. You can also use the SYNC Owner site to check for and download upgrades for your SYNC system.[break]


Thanks to Ford SYNC, car infotainment systems are no longer exclusively the preserve of high-end vehicles. As of 2013, Ford SYNC is a factory-installed feature available on all new Ford models in South Africa, except the entry-level Ford Figo.[break]Pop into Eagle Ford or contact us for more information or to take a look at the Ford SYNC system.