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Ford Credit

Posted: February 14, 2017

At Eagle Ford, our main aim is to see happy customers get behind the wheel of their dream Ford and we do this in 2 ways – by offering a fantastic selection of Fords and by giving you access to Ford Credit.

What is Ford Credit? It’s Ford’s finance company that takes the hassle out of financing your Ford – no more running to banks for a car loan.

As you have come to expect from Ford, there is a long list of benefits to making use of Ford Credit. Firstly, they offer unique finance and insurance options in order to make owning a Ford more affordable. Your finance plan will also be tailored to match your monthly budget for repayments, so you have more control over your finances.

Being a manufacturer’s finance company, Ford Credit works closely with us in order to match your current and future needs, so visit Eagle Ford today to start taking advantage of this fantastic financing option!