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The 2015 Ford Mustang Excitement Continues To Grow

Posted: April 3, 2014

Since 1964 Ford has been pioneering the iconic Mustang. This All American Muscle Car was incredibly popular in the 60’s and even featured in the James Bond motion picture – Goldfinger.50 years later Ford is set to release its latest version of this fun, fast and powerful ride.The new Ford Mustang will go on sale globally in 2015 with a lighter and more efficient look and feel. However, traditional fans can still expect the muscular and racey exterior synonymous with the iconic Pony. The front exterior features large vents giving the Mustang that fierce, mean-spirited look that just oozes of speed and performance. The front and rear lights are just as enticing with their sleek appearance.242841_Full_HiRes-63652The interior is cockpit-like and draws inspiration from classic airplanes. Ford went half analog, half digital with the interior dials with all the features from dials, to gears and the steering wheel being placed close to the driver for optimal driving pleasure and convenience.In terms of performance the new Mustang will feature a 5-litre V8 engine paired with the highly efficient 2.3 litre Ford EcoBoost engine. A twin-scroll turbocharger will have you revelling at the incredible torque of the Mustang.For the very first time, the blue oval brand has incorporated rear suspension giving you more control and grip on the road when enjoying this speed machine.In order to improve driving experience Ford has also enhanced the Mustang with technological improvements. The Mustang features blind spot detection technology, cross-traffic alert systems to warn you of passing cars when reversing, a keyless push start function and a touch and voice controlled communication system.242842_Full_HiRes-63651And for those drivers that like a more laid back version of racey vehicles, the Mustang comes in a convertible too!Is your heart racing yet? Are you ready for the new 2015 Ford Mustang?Interested in owning a pony of your own? Get yourself on Eagle Corner’s waiting list today. Contact one of our skilled sales consultants on 011 531 3000 for more information.