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Eagle Ford is committed to the commercial

Posted: February 25, 2015

Ford is renowned for its excellent range of vehicles that provide an offering to suit the tastes, style and even wallet of any driver.

However, more than ever before Ford now offers a comprehensive range of commercial vehicles. From small to large commercial Ford vehicles, Eagle Ford has it all!

Eagle Ford is proud to be Joburg’s only Ford medium commercial dealer and we are dedicated to providing you with these exceptional vehicles at stellar prices!

Our much-loved medium commercial offering includes the Tourneo, Transit and their derivatives as well as the Transit Single Chassis Cab.

Let’s take a look!
The spacious and luxurious Ford Tourneo Bus is setting the benchmark in the people mover revolution. It offers incredible efficiency and load space. Your passengers will be able to sit in first class comfort as the Tourneo offers seating up to 17 passengers. Combined with groundbreaking technology, such as parking distance sensors as well as comfort for passengers and enough power to tow an excess load, the Ford Tourneo Bus could certainly be the game changer to set your business apart from the rest. The Ford Transit Van is another world-class Ford Commercial vehicle. It is the most established and prominent vehicles in the industry with over 7 million units produced to date!

Offering optimized load space with sublime fuel efficiency, this is an excellent delivery or cargo moving vehicle! With enhanced cargo space and enough power to carry even the heaviest loads, the Transit Van can transport goods anywhere you like! Plus you’ll have the benefit of a spacious and comfortable driving interior to get the job done.

Ford Focus RS

The Transit and Tourneo are proudly offered in 2 separate products, 1-tonne and 2 –tonne versions to better suit the needs of the South African commercial environment. Ford offers the Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom in the 1-tonne segment as a smaller vehicle that can be perfectly described as a “mobile office”. The Transit and Tourneo are offered in the 2-tonne segment and are larger, highly functional Fords. They are specifically suited to long distance haulage with their incredible loadspace. Consider this the perfect Ford for you if you are a Courier, Builder, Shop Fitter or similar!

Ford Focus RS

Ford has also recently launched the exciting new Transit Connect and Tourneo Connect, different versions of the popular brands that are highly maneuverable yet robust! The Connect range is perfect for the urban environment and is perfectly suited to delivery orientated businesses and skilled tradesmen such as plumbers, florists etc. Looking for a Ford with heavy-duty capabilities? Look no further than the Ford Transit Single Chassis Cab. With two frame lengths available, this Transit is ready to tackle any challenge that comes its way. The Transit Chassis Cab combines the strength and towing capacity of a truck with the agility of a light commercial vehicle to provide unmatched support for your business. Plus with the chassis cab’s excellent fuel economy and specialised suspension you’ll been running a safe and efficient operation! Eagle Ford is Joburg’s only Ford Commercial Dealer. All commercial models are on display at Eagle Ford and can be test-driven at Eagle Corner’s dedicated commercial showroom. So visit us and test-drive them all.


So get to Eagle Ford to view our commercial range that delivers functionality, low cost of ownership and the best driving dynamics in its class!