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Advanced Technologies in the All-new Ford EcoBlue

Posted: May 13, 2016

Ford recently revealed the brand new Ford EcoBlue diesel engines that will offer greater fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions in line with stringent Euro Stage VI standards.

The all-new engine was created by Ford’s engineering teams in the UK and Germany using advanced technologies, which includes an integrated intake system with mirror image porting, optimising engine breathing. The technology used in the engine also includes a low-inertia turbocharger which features rocket engine materials that have been created for high temperature applications. The new EcoBlue engine offers a more responsive and quieter driving experience.

Ford will initially offer the EcoBlue engine in a 2.0-litre engine size for commercial vehicle applications, but plan to introduce a 1.5-litre variant for passenger vehicles.

At Eagle Ford, we are excited about the advancements coming from Ford, changing the way we drive. For more information, contact us today!