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Ford Options

Eagle Ford Options

Ford Options offers you a brand new way to drive a Ford.



At this stage you choose your deposit, length of agreement (24, 36 or 48 months) and anticipated annual mileage.



Ford deducts your deposit and the vehicle’s Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) at the start of the agreement. Your regular payments are based on the balance, plus the interest on this and the GFV.


Guaranteed Future Value

At the end of the agreement your vehicle will have a GFV. At this stage you will have three options:


1. RENEW: Choose another vehicle
If you would like to renew your Ford, you can trade it in at your Ford Dealer or sell it privately if you prefer. You must settle your account and then any excess value over the GFV can be used as a deposit towards your new Ford.


2. RETAIN: Keep the vehicle
Ford Options also gives you the flexibility to own the vehicle at the end of the agreement. All you need to do, assuming all payments have been made, is arrange payment of the GFV, which was deducted at the start of your agreement.


3. RETURN: Hand the vehicle back
Your pre-agreed GFV gives you protection against any unexpected fall in used vehicle prices. If you would like to return your vehicle, your Ford Dealer will complete a vehicle appraisal. As long as your vehicle meets our fair wear and tear standards, is within the agreed mileage, and your account is up-to-date, there will be nothing further to pay.


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